Thursday, May 19, 2005

Probability Project

Probability - 3
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First, we played the game Rock, Paper, Scissors with three players. Every player scored differently, Player A scored if all the players showed the same thing, Player B scored if two of the players showed the same thing, and Player C scored if none of the players showed the same thing. Next, we had to find the theoretical probability which was that Player A won 3/27, Player B won 18/27, and Player C won 6/27 out of 27 games. Then, we found the results of our experiment which were Player A had 2/27 wins, Player B had 17/27 wins, and Player C had 9/27 wins out of 27 games. Next, we found the outcome that occured most was Player B. Then, we found the outcome that occured least was Player A. Next, we found that the experimental probability didn't match the theoretical probability. The differences were that the experimental were off by 1 or 2 numbers and the other was ahead by 1. Last, we found that this game was not fair because Player B has the most chances in winning, Player C has a chance in winning, and Player A has no chances. I think we could change the game by playing it the traditional way, but if two players have the same thing and they beat the other player, then the players face off the traditional way again.


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Brian, the probability of you seeing this post is very slim since you haven't posted since May of 2005. It looks like you did well in probability. Your teacher liked your work. Did you find that writing about your work helped you to better understand both the problem and the solution?

I have commented on this project and your blog on

January 26, 2008 at 10:00 PM  
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